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Hellenic American Educators Association/UFT

The Hellenic American Educators Association of the UFT represents members of the Greek community working in the New York City public school system. HAEA/UFT was established in 1975 with the enthusiasm and vision of its founder, Dr. Nikos M. Spanakos, who brought together a group of educators of Greek descent for the purpose of uniting Hellenes with Phihellenes to promote Hellenic ethic identity in the mainstream of American education. HAEA/UFT is dedicated to actively serving our students and the educational community with pride and vision while fostering Hellenic ideals.

The goals of HAEA/UFT are to:

  • Raise the ethnic consciousness of educators through cultural exchange, lectures and workshop
  • Serve as a liaison on educational issues pertinent to the Greek-American Community
  • Arrange professional activities through cultural and academic studies
  • Offer guidance to college students interested in entering the teaching profession

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What's New

Hellenic American Educators Association’s Greek Independence Day Celebration

The UFT’s Hellenic American Educators Association took a trip back in time at its Greek Independence Day Celebration on March 22 at UFT headquarters, where historical consultant and music composer Vassilios Chrissochos gave a video presentation...

Hellenic American Educators Association celebration of Greek independence

A celebration of Greek Independence Day, complete with traditional foods and a history lesson, took place at UFT headquarters in Manhattan, where UFT members who are part of the union’s Hellenic American Educators Association came together on April...

UFT Hellenic American Educators Association’s Greek heritage celebration

UFT members who are part of the union’s Hellenic American Educators Association braved the cold for the warmth of a celebration of Greek Independence Day on March 16 at union headquarters.

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