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A Cricut workshop

Fit to a T

New York Teacher
Paras show off their T-shirts
Jonathan Fickies

Staten Island paraprofessionals (from left) Lisa Percodani of PS 3, Marie Wausnock of PS 54, and Diane Messina and Linda Altini, both of PS 3, show off their T-shirts.

UFT members met at the Staten Island borough office on Feb. 6 to design T-shirts celebrating the 100th day of the school year on Feb. 14. Rachael Bulla, a teacher at PS 44 in the Mariners Harbor section, and Marie Rodriguez, the union's Staten Island parent and community liaison, helped participants use a Cricut (pronounced cricket), a die-cutting machine popular with crafters. Members brought their own T-shirts, and the copyright-free design "100 Days Brighter" was downloaded from the internet to the Cricut and transferred to the T-shirts with a heat press. "I was surprised by the enthusiasm," Bulla said. "Some people got a Cricut for Christmas but didn't know how to operate it. I showed them how to load the machine and find a design." Leslie McDonnell, an occupational therapist at PS 50 in Oakwood Heights, enjoyed the experience. "It's social networking with other members, helping other people and creating an end product," she said.

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