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chapter leader shoutout

Kudos to Anne Wine, PS 50, Queens

For preventing her principal from delaying approval of members’ tenure
New York Teacher
Anne Wine
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Anne Wine, PS 50, Queens

PS 150 Chapter Leader Anne Wine successfully went to bat for three probationary teachers in her Queens school who were being treated unfairly.

Wine discovered that the three — who were among 11 teachers up for tenure at PS 150 at the end of the 2019–20 school year — were asked by the principal in June to sign letters extending their probation despite receiving good ratings.

“It didn’t make sense to me that if they were consistently evaluated Effective, and in one case Highly Effective, they would not be granted tenure,” Wine explained, “especially when four others with the same rating were approved for tenure.”

After Wine challenged her principal, they received tenure.

“New teachers learned the UFT is really there to support them and they have told others about their experience,” said Wine, a visual arts teacher for 13 years who is in her fourth year as chapter leader.

The principal of the school in Sunnyside threw down the gauntlet earlier in the school year when she warned the 11 probationary teachers that “not all of you will make the grade.”

When the principal couldn’t give a satisfactory explanation for her unequal treatment of the three probationary teachers with solid ratings, Wine alerted her UFT District 30 representative. Within three weeks, the problem was solved. The principal granted tenure to the three after a visit from the district superintendent.

Nina Prestigiacomo, one of the three newly tenured teachers thanks to Wine, said she and her fellow UFT members at PS 150 feel supported and heard by their chapter leader. “When staff — new, veteran or recently tenured — becomes overwhelmed, Anne finds a way to calm our fears,” she explained. “We feel comfortable sharing our concerns with her.”

Diana Ramirez said Wine supported her throughout the stressful process of gaining her tenure last year. “Thanks to all she did, I was treated fairly and obtained my tenure,” said Ramirez. “Today I really believe in the power of our union!”


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