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Oregon teachers plan May 8 walkout

New York Teacher

Educators across Oregon were planning to walk out of classes on May 8 to press for more state funding for public schools. The move prompted many school districts, including Portland Public Schools, to cancel school on that day.

“Portland schools are devastatingly underfunded, and students are suffering because of it,” said Suzanne Cohen, the president of the Portland Association of Teachers. “Our classrooms are bursting at the seams, our buildings are falling apart, and students are missing out on individual attention they deserve.”

Many educators argue the lack of funding has resulted in teachers having to do more with less. They say this is reflected in the state’s low graduation rates, high dropout and absenteeism rates, as well as rising issues with disruptive behaviors, mental health needs and large class sizes.

The teachers unions will be lobbying for more school funding and against teachers being required to shoulder more of the pension costs.

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