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Reporting Guidance for June Professional Development and Clerical Days for School-Based Staff

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Please note the following guidance for school-based staff for June clerical and Chancellor’s conference days for staff development. Additional guidance on activities and workday can be found in the Labor Policy Guidance.

In addition, please note the following:

  • June 7: June 7 is a Clerical Day for K-5, K-6, 6-8, and K-12 schools and D75 programs only. All staff without reasonable accommodations/exemptions are expected to report in person on Clerical Day.
  • June 9 and June 28: For all schools, June 9 is Anniversary Day: Chancellor’s Conference Day for staff development, and June 28 is a professional development day. On June 9 and June 28, teachers and mandated related service providers shall be permitted to work remotely; however, the principal may, with reasonable advance notice, direct staff to be on site. Principals should inform these employees if they are expected to work in person by the following days:
    • By May 27 for June 9; and
    • By June 14 for June 28.

Otherwise, principals should prepare to provide professional development remotely on June 9 and June 28. Reporting instructions for other school-based titles on these days are included in the Labor Policy Guidance.

All staff in Central titles report in-person to their regular work assignment, including CSE staff; June 9 (Anniversary Day) is a regular workday for all staff, except for DC37 school-based, Local 372 represented employees in Brooklyn and Queens.

For questions about the DOE school year calendar, contact your BCO director of operations. For questions about attendance procedures, contact your BCO attendance manager. For all other questions, contact your senior field counsel.

Register for professional development on Chancellor's Day.

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