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Brewing Wellness

An Introduction to the Classroom Cafe - Trailer

Season 1, Episode 1 -

Hi everyone, thank you for joining us for this “trailer” of the Classroom Café Podcast, where it’s all about brewing the conversation with New York City public school educators. This podcast is presented by The United Federation of Teachers & the union's Member Assistance Program (MAP). We know you are busy and on the go in your career. But we all experience challenges in our personal and professional lives and need the support of a helping hand from time to time. For UFT members, these stresses can create a perfect storm. For this reason, the UFT Member Assistance Program is excited to bring you this series of well-being podcasts on topics such as Making Classrooms Happy Places, 10 Ways to Eat Healthier with Limited Time, Time Management: Getting It All Done, Mindfulness and Compassion and Creating Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive Schools for ALL of Our Students, Families and Staff.