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Medicare Part B and IRMAA reimbursement update

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If you are Medicare eligible, you should have received your 2023 Medicare Part B reimbursement from the New York City Office of Labor Relations in April. That money was either directly deposited in the bank account used for your pension or mailed to the address you provided to TRS or BERS. If you have not yet received it, or if you have any questions, we are here to help. Please call the UFT Welfare Fund at 212-539-0500

Some retired UFT members with higher incomes may also be eligible for the annual Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) reimbursement because they pay more than the standard Medicare Part B premium. The city’s IRMAA FAQ answers commonly asked questions. Read more about IRMAA »

If you are eligible for IRMAA, now is the time to file for it. Your application for your 2023 IRMAA must be accompanied by the 2023 Social Security Benefits letter that you received in November 2022 and your 2023 Social Security 1099 form that you received in January 2024. The 2023 reimbursement is scheduled to be issued by October 2024. See the most recent IRMAA reimbursement timeline »

If you have questions or concerns regarding IRMAA, please contact UFT pension rep Christina McGrath via email.

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