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Making fashion cents

It started with a bag of used clothing that Bambi Falvo meant to donate. Now Falvo, who retired in 2019 after 32 years of teaching, is an online entrepreneur who specializes in reselling new and used clothing.

Calling in the vote in New Jersey

RTC members from New Jersey made calls to more than 3,000 UFT members, both retirees and in-service members, to help get out the vote for Gov. Phil Murphy in the governor's race on Nov. 2.

Leaving the NYC area?

If you are moving outside the New York City metropolitan area, we have RTC coordinators in sections across the country that can help you.

Intersession courses deadline

The registration for the tri-state area and Florida Si Beagle Intersession courses is approaching.

NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan highlights

Here are the highlights of a webinar presentation on the new Medicare Advantage Plus Plan that was attended by more than 7,500 UFT retirees on Oct. 1.

Tough to communicate

Communication is fraught with miscommunication. Presenting the New York City Medicare Advantage Plus Plan to retirees is tough. We have tried to offer the best and most comprehensive information so retirees can make their own informed choices.

Retired teacher story was ‘beautiful’

The story about the teacher reunited with her former student is a truly beautiful story — a story of a woman who was a dedicated teacher.

The many benefits of RTC membership

You may not be an in-service employee anymore, but you haven’t left the UFT. Now it’s time to become a member of the union’s Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC) and participate in what’s considered the nation’s best retiree program for public school...

Etching is her passion

Barbara Zietchick began taking painting lessons and learning about printmaking while she was still a kindergarten teacher on Staten Island in the 1980s. Now, 37 years after her retirement, Zietchick’s lifetime commitment to “change and growth”...

The path ahead

Members who have spent their professional lives under the academic calendar, even in retirement look at school openings as a pivot point. RTC Chapter Leader Tom Murphy looks at where we have been and, after our summer respite, where we are headed.