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Course registration FAQ

Question 1

I can't get online to register. What do I do?

Related questions:

I can't register at

On the UFT website click Login.
Next Screen User can click Register for an Account. Enter in required details.

I have an account, but it will not allow me to log in. Forgot Password? Changed email address? Confirm Registration in MBS?

On the UFT website click Login.
There are procedures to change Passwords.

I have an account and need to change the email address?

On the UFT website click Login. Proceed and login to the system. Next page system will display Profile link. Click Profile and system will allow a change to your email address. If there is a problem or additional questions, then call the UFT Membership Department at 212-598-6855.

I have logged in, but can't get to UFT Course Program Registration website.

UFT Member should Login, click Member Services, click Education Services and click Course Catalog. Member should then click on UFT Course Catalog Menu.

If a Member did not login at the beginning, system will require the UFT Member to login. System will allow the Member to review course details and register for courses online.

A Non-Member can click Member Services, click Education Services and click course/catalog.

A Non-Member is welcomed to print copy of current course catalog. You may download a printer-friendly UFT Course Catalog.

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Question #2

I've completed the online registration process. I registered for 3 courses, but now I want to cancel one course. What do I do? Do I lose my registration fee or can I apply it to a different course?

Call the UFT Course Program at 212-475-3737. Your registration and payment will be verified. Depending on UFT Departmental guidelines it will be determine whether a refund can be issued. Refunds for T courses will only be issued if a course is cancelled.

UFT Course Program allows members to request in writing to switch from one course/section to another. If there is seat availability UFT members will be transferred into requested course.

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Question #3

I've just completed the online registration process. I just realized I registered for the wrong locations. How do I make the change?

Call the UFT Course Program at 212-475-3737. If the location you desire is available, the Registrant Course Transfer will be initiated. This process is completed internally.

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Question #4

I've registered for a course, when will my credit card by charged?

Course registration and credit card processing is completed immediately. The time it takes for the charge to show up on your credit card is generally 1-3 days, dependent on the policies of your credit card/merchant bank.

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Question #5

My class was cancelled, how long will the refund process take?

The UFT Course Program notifies the computer system that the course is cancelled. This ensures the online content reflects the change and no longer accepts online registration. Then, the UFT Course Program notifies registered members and offers course transfers if available. If no transfer can be made, refund requests will be generated.

The UFT Accounting will issue refunds in checks only; credit card refunds are not available. The refund process may take up to six weeks.

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Question #6

I registered for an "E" course; I wish to take a "T" course instead.

UFT Course Program and NYSUT/ELT registration procedures are separate. You cannot exchange course registration from one program to the other.

Other content related to the differences between E and T courses is provided in the NYSUT Education and Learning Trust site.

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Question #7

The location of a class has changed, or day or week, how can the online registrants be notified?

The UFT Course Program will contact registrants if there are any changes.

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Question #8

I am not a UFT member. Can I register for courses? If so, how do I register?

Online registration is available to members only. Non-members who wish to register must call must call 212-475-3737 for assistance. A printer-friendly download of Course Catalog is available to all.