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One step closer to smaller classes

Smaller class sizes make parents feel better about their child’s education, makes children feel more seen in class and allows teachers’ hard work to become more effective. The bill passed by the state Legislature on June 2 takes us one step closer.

Mayor threatens to cut school budgets

As Gov. Kathy Hochul considers signing state legislation to reduce class sizes in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is threatening cuts to next year’s school budgets even as he sits on billions of dollars of federal education aid.

State bill would lower class sizes

Capping a yearlong push by educators and parents to lower class sizes, state lawmakers passed a bill on June 2 to cap the number of students per classroom in New York City public schools at 20 to 25, depending on the grade, by 2027.

UFT on passage of small class size legislation

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to the passage of class size legislation in Albany.

UFT reacts to proposed Albany legislation

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued statements in response to two pieces of legislation in Albany, one on governance of NYC public schools and one proposing to lower class sizes.

Our fight for smaller class sizes

We’ve known for decades that smaller classes enhance teaching and learning. But the pandemic drove home that class size is also a public health issue. We are pushing for legislation that would change the health section of the city’s administrative...

UFT members, parents fight for classroom occupancy limits

Thousands of UFT members and parents came together this fall to press the City Council to pass groundbreaking legislation that would reduce class sizes in city public schools by a quarter to a third. The union gathered nearly 40,000 signatures in...

Resolution strengthening our commitment to lower class size and hold the NYC DOE accountable for enforcement of class size reduction

We have a City Council that is considering passing a once-in-a-generation bill that would make physical space per student into administrative code, to make it the city’s responsibility to give each child the physical space they deserve to remain safe...

NYC, slash class sizes now

The New York City Council bill to reduce class sizes in our public schools is designed to protect our children’s health and their academic prospects by ensuring adequate space for every student in every classroom.

Testimony on Int. 2374-2021 to amend the administrative code of the city of New York in relation to classroom capacity

UFT President Michael Mulgrew testified before the New York City Council Committee on Education in regards to Int. 2374-2021, a bill to amend the administrative code of the city of New York in relation to classroom capacity.