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Contract gets action on class size

Just two of this school year’s grievances over excessive class sizes citywide remained unresolved by Thanksgiving — thanks to a powerful provision in the 2018 Department of Education-UFT contract.

Spring awakening

The inspiring address by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II at our Spring Conference on May 13 couldn’t have come at a better time.

Testimony regarding school planning and siting for new schools and seats

The UFT testified before the New York City Council Committees on Education and Finance regarding school planning and siting for new schools and seats.

Mayor’s budget would fund 38,000 new seats

Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed funding more than 38,000 new public school seats in his preliminary budget for the coming fiscal year.

Resolution to rescind mandate relief

The UFT calls on the New York State Legislature to rescind its 1995 mandate relief. The union also calls on NYS to require that the city's schools adhere to a maximum of five students to one teacher or provider in SETSS and related-service settings...

Fewer oversized classes, but push for state funds continues

City schools began the school year with the fewest oversized classes in more than seven years, UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced on Oct. 19.

UFT survey finds city successful in reducing some oversize classes to contract limits

New York City’s public schools had 5,485 overcrowded classes this year, compared to 6,447 last year, a drop of 962 from 2014 and the first time the number of oversize classes fell below 6,000 at the start of school since 2009.

Testimony regarding overcrowding in NYC public schools and Res. No. 563

The UFT submitted testimony to the City Council Committee on Education regarding overcrowding in NYC public schools and Res. No. 563.

Hundreds of thousands of children stuck in oversize classes in city schools

A United Federation of Teachers survey has shown that more than 230,000 students — the equivalent of almost a quarter of the entire school system — spent part or all of their first few weeks of school in overcrowded classes.