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Happy and busy ‘new year’

Over the summer, RTC members helped their teachers union colleagues in Florida reach new state-mandated union enrollment thresholds and helped the United Farm Workers union organize migrant farmworkers in New York State.

A symbiotic connection

Are UFT retirees missing out when they attend union events and courses remotely? The Si Beagle Learning Center now offers remote courses, activities and seminars that were only available in person before the pandemic. But there is growing pressure to...

Be ‘guardians of civility’

The RTC Executive Board voted to allow the UFT president and the Aetna health care plan presenters to speak with an extended Q&A period at our March and April meetings, deferring other normal business. Many members who wanted information without...

Hard times put benefits at risk

Far right legislators see raising the debt ceiling as an opportunity to push an ideological agenda that could advance their cause.

Our basic union rights at stake

In recent litigation over the New York City Medicare Advantage Plus plan, a judge ultimately gave the green light for the city to implement such a plan but he simultaneously took aim at the collective bargaining rights of city unions.

Protect benefits with your vote

The most labor-friendly President and Congress ever are facing tough mid-term elections. We should help our friends.

In unity, transformed

As we measure our own behavior, we are apt to see patterns and motivations. We also see that the role of the human individual is intertwined with others. Sociologists call it group dynamics. In the labor movement, we call it solidarity.

RTC Chapter Leader Column

Gauging your trust in us

Elections can be valuable measurements of the trust that rank-and-file union members have in the leaders they choose.

Edging back to ‘normal’

The new New York City Medicare Advantage Plus Plan brought challenges, but a court decision led Michael Mulgrew to demand that the city pause implementation of the plan. This pause means we can exhale over the next few months, and edge back to our...