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Speech Improvement Chapter tenure meeting

The Speech Improvement Chapter is holding their annual tenure meeting to learn more about the tenure process for Speech teachers. Attendees will learn the importance of earning tenure, who grants tenure, how to prepare for tenure and when to submit your portfolio.

How to Read a Seniority List

Your school’s seniority list tells you how much seniority you have and where you stand in terms of excessing seniority compared to your colleagues who have the same license as you. Excessing seniority, otherwise known as citywide seniority, is the...

Certification, tenure angst?

If you're a newer teacher with concerns about your ability to get your certification and/or tenure during this remote-teaching time, the UFT has your back.

Preparing for your tenure decision

Gaining tenure is an important milestone for new teachers. Having tenure means you can’t be terminated without due process and you’re entitled to a hearing if the Department of Education takes disciplinary action that could lead to termination.

Missouri unions head to court over due process

Missouri labor unions have taken the state to court over a new law championed by Republican lawmakers that makes it easier to fire state workers, saying the changes infringe on collective bargaining rights enshrined in the state constitution.

UFT on the Davids-Wright ruling

Adam Ross, the UFT's general counsel, issued a statement in response to the appellate division's decision to allow an anti-tenure lawsuit to proceed.

All you need to know about getting tenure

Gaining tenure is an important milestone for new teachers. There are many steps you can take to prepare for your tenure decision.

UFT argues for dismissal of tenure case

Tenure rights of New York teachers were the focus of heated arguments in a Brooklyn courtroom on Nov. 30 as lawyers for the UFT and other unions pressed a state appeals court to dismiss a lawsuit attacking those fundamental safeguards.

District 29 tenure celebration

For the second year in a row, newly tenured teachers in District 29 gathered for a celebration of their accomplishments. This year, 60 teachers were honored in a ceremony at PS/IS 208 in Bellerose, Queens on Oct. 11.

Lawsuit against teacher tenure defeated in Minnesota

A lawsuit challenging teacher tenure law in Minnesota was defeated on Sept. 5 as a state court of appeals panel upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the case.