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Debbie Braunstein

There was a family in my school with four daughters. I taught two of the girls.

When I found out that the child I had was giving up basketball, her love for the Yankees, and all of the things she did with her dad, because he had been killed in the World Trade Center, I went over to visit her.

We sat on the steps of her apartment and talked. I gave her a blank, hard covered book and sat there and told her to draw a picture of the Yankee emblem on the front. Then I told her to write all her thoughts, both good and bad, in this book to express her emotions.

The next day I got a call from her mom telling me her older sister wished she had one, too. I immediately dropped off a notebook for her, too. The family has grown, the girls and mom are good. Counseling, peer groups and love has helped this family to move on. Not a day goes by without those memories, and their love for the Yankees continues.