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Diane Savattieri

I was working as a school secretary in PS 104. Our principal, Ms. Marie DiBella, became the captain of the ship. She put all of us in specific locations with specific jobs. I was amazed how everyone in the school came together to help each other. The school aides went to the classrooms to gather the children and bring them to the office. The guidance counselor met the parents at the door and the assistant principals helped out wherever there was a need. I was never part of such a collaborative effort, and I always remember how good people are and how all want to help each other without even thinking about themselves.

I received a phone call from one teacher’s son who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. He told me to tell his mom that he loved her and that he was going up to the roof. I immediately contacted the teacher, and I was so touched by his voice and his message that I still think of it when I reflect on that day. I felt so blessed that I was there to transmit that message effectively as I know how much he wanted her to know.

I teach my fourth grade students about this event every year and I always feel grateful that I was able to be part of such an inspiring and important historical event.