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Labor Issues

Marchers wearing red and holding signs "Fund our schools now."

‘We can afford to do better’

Some 18,000 teachers in the Clark County School District in Nevada have vowed to strike if the state doesn’t come through with funding to pay for salary increases without cuts to the classroom.

Oregon educators stand united at their statewide day of action on May 8.

Oregon walkout results in school funding boost

A week after tens of thousands of Oregon educators walked out of their classrooms on May 8 for a statewide “day of action,” the state's governor signed a $2 billion funding package into law to pay for smaller class sizes and more educational programs.

This paraprofessional was among the educators in the Chicago International Chart

Charters’ ‘bottom line’ led to Chicago teacher strikes

The nation’s first-ever strike by unionized charter school teachers occurred in Chicago in December and set a precedent for other charter schools in the Windy City struggling with low teacher pay, crowded classrooms and poor funding. 

Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians and their supporters picket outside Symphon

Chicago musicians stop the music over contract

About 100 musicians in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra have traded their instruments for picket signs, striking to demand a contract that protects their pension plan and provides fair wages.

Lessons from West Virginia strikes

Teachers in West Virginia —a “right-to-work” state with no right to collectively bargain or strike— have proven adept at defending themselves and their students against a hostile Republican administration intent on undermining public education.

Teachers walk the picket line at Sheridan Street Elementary School during the strike in Los Angeles.

Community backing key to LA teachers’ successful strike

One of the most distinctive elements of the successful nine-day teachers’ strike in Los Angeles in January was the powerful level of community support the teachers had. That was the result of a deliberate effort by United Teachers Los Angeles, the 32,000-member American Federation of Teachers affiliate, to build mutually respectful alliances with parents and community groups around a common agenda.

Keeping the Dream alive

The Dream Project, a partnership between Sacramento City College and area public schools, is but one example of the sort of educator-led projects that have sprung up across the country to protect and support undocumented children attending public schools.

Striking hotel workers, who are members of UNITE HERE, picket on Oct. 18 on the

Trouble in paradise

Nearly 8,000 hospitality workers took to the picket lines at Marriott-owned hotels in nine major U.S. cities this fall — the latest coordinated multi-city strike wave to hit the country amid skyrocketing inequality.

Four-day school week: yea or nay?

Some 560 school districts nationwide have moved to a four-day school week. The move to pack the same number of instructional hours into four days — principally done to save money — has divided school communities.

The American Federation of Government Employees asked supporters everywhere to “Wear Red for Feds.”

Trump torments federal workers

Federal workers are in the president’s crosshairs. Right before Labor Day 2018, and just days after a judge foiled Donald Trump’s attempt to hurt those workers and their unions through executive orders, Trump fired back with a plan to cancel their scheduled pay raise.