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Labor Issues

UFT nurses in staffing fight

The Federation of Nurses/UFT is in a pitched battle with NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn over short staffing that the union contends is putting patients at risk.

A new labor strategy: the short strike

It’s becoming more common for U.S .unions, especially in the health care sector, to call a short, fixed-duration strike and then return to the bargaining table.

Cool the classrooms

In June and September each year, classroom temperatures spike when the city experiences a heat wave. It is outrageous to expect students to learn and teachers to teach in these circumstances.

Kudos to Dan Wever, Sunset Park HS, Brooklyn

Art teacher Dan Wever said he ran for chapter leader at Sunset Park HS in Brooklyn in 2021 knowing that at some point the union chapter would have to organize to demand the removal of the school’s longtime principal, Victoria Antonini.
 Less than two years later, he did just that.

The summer of strikes

Delivery drivers, hotel staff, fast food workers, teachers and thousands of other workers went on strike this summer, as did the people who play them on TV.

GOP expands public funds for private schools

Republican state lawmakers around the country have voted in recent months to create or expand programs that provide public funds to families for their children’s private education.