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Teachers Assigned Chapter Update - June 2017

This Chapter Update includes information about our peer validators meeting, returning to school-based positions, parking permits and the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Teachers Assigned Chapter website.

Honored for investing in children

Family child-care provider Carlene Stone named Winnie’s Day Care in the Bronx in memory of her brother, Winston.

Brown re-elected to TRS board

Tom Brown, the UFT’s assistant treasurer, has been re-elected as a trustee on the Teachers’ Retirement System board.

UFT members show off their medals for completing the 5K at Coney Island.

In lockstep

A resounding feeling of togetherness characterized this year’s UFT 5K Family Run/Walk, which took place on May 6 in Coney Island.

Award winner Laura Tamburo celebrates with her sons Troy and Jay.

‘We do our jobs with pride’

Camille Falci, the pupil accounting secretary at IS 5 in Elmhurst, Queens, and the borough’s UFT Secretary of the Year, says it’s easy for her to go to work every day. “I love my job,” Falci said at the 31st annual School Secretaries of the Year Awards Luncheon on May 6 at UFT headquarters in Manhattan. “We’re a family.”

Preschooler blowing bubbles - generic

City to expand pre-K for 3-year-olds

Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed an ambitious expansion of his popular prekindergarten program to all 3-year-old children in New York City. 

Student Studying - generic

Student growth part of accountability plan

New York State will no longer measure a school’s success solely on tests scores and graduation rates. Under a new State Education Department plan, multiple measures including student growth will be factored into the school evaluation process.

Danny Dromm urges his collegues to fund the programs endorsed by the UFT.

UFT asks City Council to build on success

The UFT’s legislative breakfast on May 18 provided a forum for union leaders to make the case to 35 City Council members for city funding for the union’s education programs and initiatives.

The panel discusses the DeVos threat to public education and the #PublicSchoolPr

Town hall focuses on national threats

AFT President Randi Weingarten and Texas American Federation of Teachers President Louis Malfaro at the morning town hall brought a national perspective to the threats facing public education and the labor movement.

Helping students ‘rise to expectations’

Townsend Harris HS, a top-performing Queens school and Banana Kelly HS, a struggling school in the South Bronx, stood side by side as Team High School Award winners at the UFT’s 2017 Academic High Schools Awards Celebration.