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Guidance on therapy via video conferencing

News Stories

We all understand that speech teachers and occupational and physical therapists still have many unanswered questions regarding video conferencing with their students.

To help you better plan for next week, the UFT has put together this basic guidance for you and your colleagues to follow. We have had our legal staff review all of the various regulations and laws regarding the delivery of services, and this guidance reflects the regulations that are currently in place.

  1. If the parent consents to video conferencing and also has the technology needed to do so, you need to conduct your sessions using your video conferencing tool.
  2. If the parent consents to video conferencing but does not have the proper technology, please contact your direct supervisor and ask the supervisor to assist the parent.
  3. If the parent does not consent to video conferencing, please conduct your sessions over the phone.

This is a learning curve for all of us. Please be creative and do the best that you can to make your work meaningful for your students.

As always, we are here to help and support you.


MaryJo Ginese
Vice President for Special Education

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