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Voting in your chapter elections

Every three years, UFT members vote for chapter leaders, delegates and paraprofessional representatives. For this election cycle, we are reverting to the pre-pandemic election procedures that were in place for decades. See some answers to common...

Paraprofessionals Chapter elections this spring

Every three years, you have an opportunity to elect a school chapter leader, a paraprofessional representative for your school as well as the leadership of the citywide Paraprofessionals Chapter.

Mulgrew re-elected UFT president

Michael Mulgrew gained his fifth term as UFT president with 66% of the vote. He carried with him most of his slate, with the exception of high school executive board positions.

Gauging your trust in us

Elections can be valuable measurements of the trust that rank-and-file union members have in the leaders they choose.

Mary Vaccaro new VP for education

Mary Vaccaro, the Queens District 26 representative for the past 16 years and a teacher for 26 years, was elected UFT vice president for education by the UFT Executive Board, succeeding Evelyn DeJesus, now AFT executive vice president.

Mulgrew re-elected UFT president

UFT members elected Michael Mulgrew to a fourth term as president of the union with 86.2 percent of the votes cast. The American Arbitration Association announced the tally on April 18.