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Victoria Lee becomes UFT treasurer

Union’s first Asian-American officer
New York Teacher
Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee was elected UFT treasurer by the Executive Board.

Teachers’ Retirement System Board teacher-member trustee Victoria Lee was elected UFT treasurer by the union’s Executive Board.

Lee filled the spot left vacant by the retirement of Debra Penny, who stepped down as UFT treasurer in December after serving in that role for just over five years. Lee will complete the remainder of Penny’s term.

“It’s an important responsibility, and I’m excited to do my part,” said Lee, who made history by becoming the UFT’s first Asian-American officer. “I worked very closely with Debra Penny in the Pension Department the last seven years, and I couldn’t have had a better role model.”

A year ago, Lee was elected to complete Penny’s term as one of the three teacher-member trustees on the TRS board.

Lee began her career in New York City public schools in 1997 as a teacher at PS 143 in Corona, Queens. Two years later, she moved to a neighboring school, PS 16, and was elected its chapter leader in 2009.

The following year, she trained to become a pension consultant for the UFT’s Queens borough office even as she continued teaching. In 2016, she became a full-time pension representative for the union. In that position, Lee conducted pension clinics and workshops throughout the city, working with members to help them enjoy a secure retirement.