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Books and guns

New York Teacher

Some parents and politicians are misguided in their efforts to ban certain books to protect children from what they consider “harmful” ideas, but it is still pleasing to see people concerned about children’s well-being. However, when I see their passion, I wonder why they cannot summon the same energy for gun regulation. Certain guns should be outlawed, and certain people should not have guns. Until such common-sense laws are passed, any effort to protect children should include gun laws.

Banning books is an effort to prohibit people from thinking, knowing or questioning. When parents and politicians insist on banning books and the ideas in them, we should connect that issue to easy access to guns and the danger they are to students. There is an anonymous quote that seems appropriate: “Not a single kid has died in a mass reading, yet they’re banning books instead of guns.”

Larry Hoffner, retired