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Spring break opinions

New York Teacher

We should get time and a half for the days we worked during the 2020 spring break. Any other city employee would have.

Tonya Evans Imbrosciano, PS 105, the Bronx
(via Facebook)

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Look, I like money, but I really like this idea of “vacation days” that I can use at any point. As an atheist, I’ve always hated that I’m compelled to take vacations around religious holidays. This will allow me to get some time at my discretion, even if it’s to leave/return at a time that’s not in the rush of the faithful.

And vacation days for lost vacation days is fair.

I appreciate the UFT’s push for this, and that the union didn’t back down, as well as the arbitrator for giving an inventive and practical solution.

Mark Rentflejs, East Brooklyn Community HS
(via Facebook)