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Vote for clean air and water

New York Teacher

As teachers, we spend our careers preparing students to face the world. This Nov. 8, we can also support our state’s children by voting for the Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Bond Act of 2022.

This $4.2 billion bond act would safeguard clean drinking water, fund electric school buses and replace lead pipes. It would cover the cost of retrofitting schools and other public buildings to improve energy efficiency and air filtration. It would update roads and sewer systems to withstand the intense storms that climate change is dealing out, and it would provide funds for flood risk reduction and to restore shorelines damaged by heavy rains and tides.

Kids can’t learn when they and their families must contend with contaminated water and health-impairing air quality. Let’s show our students we care by voting for this bond act.

Mimi Bluestone, retired