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Season 3

Episode 3 -

Students are trying to figure out how to navigate the new school year.  In this episode of the Classroom Café podcast, Dr. Miri Rosen talks about how educators can support students while reengaging with them at school. Learn how to identify students in need and how creating healthy boundaries and engaging in self-care can benefit our students.  Dr. Rosen is a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist.

Episode 2 -

Here we are in the 2021-22 school year, still dealing with COVID-19,  wearing masks, social distancing and trying to manage stressors created by the pandemic. In this episode of the Classroom Café podcast, mental health speaker and best-selling author Mike Veny will discuss the “next normal” and how to support people where they are.  Listen in for tips on how you can maintain your own mental wellness and support others with compassion and concern.

Episode 1 -

Learn ways of identifying students at risk of substance use and how to support them. In this episode of the Classroom Café podcast, the New York Times best-selling author Jessica Lahey will discuss her latest book, The Addiction Inoculation: Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence. She will share her personal story as an educator with addiction, the latest research around youth and substance use and resources to support students and their families.