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Union Resolutions

Resolution on ending the disproportionate impact of discontinuance for high school probationary teachers

Union Resolutions

WHEREAS, even the most effective probationary teachers can be discontinued or denied tenure for any non-pedagogical reason, including as retaliation for political or union activity;

WHEREAS, in elementary and middle schools, discontinuance or denial of tenure is limited to geographic districts, at least giving teachers of those grades the option to reapply to nearby schools in other adjoining community school districts;

WHEREAS, in high schools, discontinuance and denial of tenure extends to all high schools in the city, giving high school teachers no option to reapply to high schools in other districts or even other boroughs; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the UFT will start a multifaceted campaign to convince the DOE and the city to limit the scope of discontinuance or denial of tenure of probationary high school teachers to the geographic district in which they teach.