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Contract 2018: Paraprofessional due process

Paraprofessionals will no longer be suspended without pay for long periods without due process while their cases are being investigated.

Paraprofessionals’ responsibilities

Paraprofessionals have challenging and rewarding jobs working as part of a team to provide educational and support services to children. They also have rights and responsibilities they should know about.

‘Proud to be a paraprofessional’

Shelvy Young-Abrams, who leads the 29,000-member UFT Paraprofessional Chapter that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has come a long way from the young single mom who became involved in education through volunteer work at her daughters'...

Contract at a glance

Our proposed contract agreement with the DOE, which was announced on Oct. 11, 2018, recognizes your hard work and dedication and empowers us to improve the teaching and learning conditions in our schools.

Absences and leaves for paraprofessionals

If you are a paraprofessional, have you ever wondered what your rights are in terms of leave time and absence from work? You earn one sick leave day for every month in which you are in service for at least 16 calendar days. The maximum number of sick...


On this episode, the United Federation of Teacher's President Michael Mulgrew is joined by UFT Paraprofessional Chapter Leader Shelvy Young-Abrams to discuss the highlights and significance of the new contract with regards to paras.

District 75 Contracts

District 75 contracts

Contract 2018: Grievance

This contract contains several new ways to resolve grievances more quickly.

Using the tools in the contract

Putting power in the hands of members in the schools was the theme of a panel discussion at the UFT’s Queens borough office on Jan. 30. The panel featured 11 chapter leaders, representing every district and grade level in Queens, who discussed how...