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Contract 2023: Pay increases

See more information about timetables for pay increases, bonuses and retroactive pay for the 2023 contract.

Contract 2023: Time, the workday and remote work

Educators have more autonomy to decide when and how to do their out-of-classroom work. Read more details.

Contract 2023: Salary Schedules

The following salary schedules are aligned with the 2023 DOE-UFT contract. All schedules are subject to correction.

Contract 2023: Student pathways initiative

The DOE’s Student Pathways Initiative will create career-connected learning and pathways for all high students, including financial literacy and civics skill

Contract 2023: Other working conditions

Added provisions regarding other working conditions covered under the contract.

The contract becomes a tool for school reform

From the earliest days of the UFT, presidents Charles Cogen and Al Shanker knew that educators could be a powerful tool for reform. Educators knew first-hand the problems that their students faced, and they encouraged educators to come up with...

DOE and city contracts (printable versions)

Download print-friendly versions of UFT-DOE and city contracts.