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UFT members overwhelmingly approve new contract

UFT members have ratified a new contract by a margin of 74.6%. The more than 95,000 votes cast was the largest in UFT history.

UFT Certification of Results Contract Ratified 2023

Pursuant to a letter of agreement dated June 7, 2023, and signed by David Hickey of the United Federation of Teachers, hereinafter referred to as “UFT”, the American Arbitration Association, hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”, agreed to...

Absences for paraprofessionals

If you are a paraprofessional, the DOE-UFT contract establishes rights and obligations in terms of when you can be absent from work. Learn about how you accumulate and can use sick days and about excused absences.

UFT Releases Survey Results During Week of Action for a Fair Contract

Educators at hundreds of New York City public schools are holding contract actions today as results from a recent survey is released that show how DOE policies and the lack of educator autonomy stand in the way of teaching and learning.

‘Proud to be a paraprofessional’

Shelvy Young-Abrams, who leads the 29,000-member UFT Paraprofessional Chapter that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has come a long way from the young single mom who became involved in education through volunteer work at her daughters'...

Your responsibilities as a paraprofessional

Paraprofessionals play an instrumental role in schools as part of a team providing educational and support services to children. Here are some of the rights and responsibilities that paraprofessionals should know about.

Absences and leaves for paraprofessionals

If you are a paraprofessional, have you ever wondered what your rights are in terms of leave time and absence from work? You earn one sick leave day for every month in which you are in service for at least 16 calendar days. The maximum number of sick...

A career ladder for paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals perform vital work in schools. There are career ladder positions available for paras as well as opportunities for educational advancement for paras interested in becoming teachers, school counselors, psychologists or other titles.