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Civil discourse

My recent letter concerning Elizabeth Warren’s advocacy for relieving students of their college debt, whereby I suggested that students be required to perform public service in exchange for such relief, produced some provocative responses.

On the campaign trail

And now, our esteemed mayor, Bill de Blasio, is running for president of the United States!

And to the republic

The article “Civics Education” [Learning Curve column, June 6], mistakenly refers to “American democracy.” Of course, the United States was founded as a constitutional republic, not as a democracy.

Union proud

I’m one of those who went out on strike and lost two days’ pay for each day on strike. However, I took my entire department out with me, including a nonmember of the union. I have fond memories of that woman and that strike.

Don’t turn back the clock

I could not help but consider the ramifications of life without a union when reading the President’s Perspective column.

Student debt

A more equitable solution to college debt would be to ask students to perform some form of national service in exchange for forgiveness of their student loans.

Charters and unions

Every argument UFT President Michael Mulgrew used to illustrate how charter schools “drain the lifeblood from public schools” was valid and accurate [President’s Perspective, May 2]. That is why I am puzzled by the UFT’s organizing efforts in New...


I gave support to the Denver teachers in their strike: I walked the line and attended the rally at the capitol. Our support was appreciated.

Value of the union

Teaching is a profession that comes from the heart. Teachers should be respected, well-paid and treated fairly.

Student discipline

Regarding “A better approach to student discipline” [President’s Perspective, April 4], I would suggest new ideas might be considered. There is a subtle violence against the students (and teachers) where publishers of curriculum aligned with the...