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Brooklyn school fights off charter’s expansion

The UFT helps parents and the community thwart the expansion of a co-located charter school in Brooklyn.

Public school proud

The UFT Charter School's Board of Trustees voted on Feb. 28 to bring the school under the supervision of the city’s Department of Education as a regular public school. Educators at the school say they hope the move will provide greater access for...

Queens charter votes to join UFT

Educators at Elm Community Charter School in Queens overcame resistance from their administration to organize a successful vote to join the UFT on Feb. 7.

Brooklyn community fights charter expansion

Educators, students and parents in Bushwick, Brooklyn, turned out in force at a hearing on Feb. 10 to protest the proposed expansion of a charter school in their district.

Excluding the Neediest Students is Key to Top Charter Schools’ Success

New York City’s charter schools have a history of shutting the schoolhouse door to many of our neediest children, such as English language learners, special education students or those from the poorest families. Charters as a group enroll a...

Parents can opt in to protect children's privacy

New York City parents can now protect their personal information from charter schools seeking to poach children from the public schools they attend.

Mulgrew responds to new DOE policy allowing public school parents to opt out of charter school mailing lists

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to the DOE's announcement that it would protect public school students' privacy by allowing their parents to opt out of mailing lists that the DOE provides to charter schools to recruit...

Task force seeks more freedom to reject Calif. charters

A California task force on charter schools delivered a report to Gov. Gavin Newsom on June 7 that recommends local school districts have more leeway in deciding whether to approve new charter schools by including criteria like saturation and need for...

Teach for America helps charter movement

The Walton Family Foundation, created by the founder of Walmart, failed to reveal that its $20 million grant to Teach For America in 2013 to recruit and train nearly 4,000 teachers for low-income schools had unusual terms intended to boost charter...

Additional UFT filings in charter school teacher certification case

In the latest filings in the charter school certification case, UFT President Michael Mulgrew charged that the new State University of New York rules weakening licensing requirements for charter instructors “will permit New York children to be taught...