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Academic High School and CTE High School Citywide Town Hall

Please register for a joint meeting of the Academic High Schools division and the CTE division of the UFT. Vice President for Academic High Schools Janella T. Hinds and Vice President for CTE High Schools Leo Gordon will speak about matters affecting high schools and the UFT members of these school communities.

Leo Gordon elected VP for CTE high schools

Leo Gordon, a New York City public school teacher for more than 26 years, has been elected the UFT’s vice president for career and technical education by the union’s Executive Board.


Teacher Tisha Gomez and the students in the vision technology program at the School for Cooperative Technical Education in Manhattan give the gift of sight, free of charge, to students and community members every day, producing eyeglasses in their...

Learning by doing

Following the philosophy that “students learn by doing,” an award-winning high school STEAM teacher in Brooklyn has gotten great results.

Spotlighting ‘Hope’ amid pandemic

More than 30,000 lights, spelling out the word “HOPE,” shined a spotlight on the number of New York City lives lost to COVID-19 in an initiative of the Urban Assembly School of Emergency Management in Manhattan from March 12 to March 14.

Educators displayed ‘unprecedented’ creativity

The 2021 UFT Career and Technical Education Awards recognized educators who have shown great ingenuity and perseverance while facing the unprecedented challenges created by the pandemic.

This year's modified graduation requirements

The State Education Department announced on April 7 that students affected by the cancellation of the June Regents exams will be able to graduate without making them up.

Prepping kids for high-growth jobs

More than 70 outstanding educators were honored at the UFT’s annual Career and Technical Education Awards ceremony on Feb. 7 at UFT headquarters in Manhattan.

Learning through a different lens

Educators at Manhattan’s HS for Environmental Studies have found a new way to infuse environmental issues in the curriculum: through the lens of a TV camera.

Not business as usual

It may be a virtual enterprise, but the students behind Bake-ology at Susan Wagner HS on Staten Island definitely mean business.