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District 75 chapter leader meeting

This meeting is for chapter leaders in District 75 programs. Please join your colleagues to hear what's happening within District 75 and the rest of our union.

Fergie Cantos, bilingual speech therapist

A bilingual speech therapist who “loves to talk,” Fergie Cantos helps students at P 186, a District 75 school in the Bronx, make themselves understood.

Site for sore eyes

The UFT chapter leader of Vision Education Services revamped the program's website for the Department of Education.

District 75: Information about parental leave during the Chapter 683 Summer Program

If you have worked the Chapter 683 program for the past two years, you may now choose to take advantage of paid parental leave during the Chapter 683 program, or you may wait to take paid parental leave until the school year begins. Learn more about...