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‘Building their brains’

A social worker and an instructional coordinator from the city DOE's Division of Early Childhood Education provide crucial support to 3K and pre-K teachers at PS 7 in East Harlem.

Early Childhood Conference

The UFT’s 15th annual Early Childhood Conference on April 1 buzzed with energy as nearly 200 educators gathered to learn ways to engage their youngest students with play.

Study: Early racial gaps in math, science

Racial disparities in math and science achievement start as early as kindergarten, according to a new study.

Reprieve for early childhood division

Thanks to the union’s advocacy, the city Department of Education has agreed to take the reorganization of the Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE) off the table for this school year.

Testimony on early childhood programs in New York City

The UFT submitted testimony to the City Council Committee on Education's oversight hearing on early childhood programs in New York City.

A 'get to know you' activity

Second-grade teachers Linda Querni and Patricia Greco used Play-Doh as a "get to know you" activity at the start of school. Students used the Play-Doh to answer the prompts and then discussed with their classmates to learn about each other.

Lindsey Desmond, early childhood instructional coordinator

A member of the UFT's Teachers Assigned Chapter, Lindsey “Desi” Desmond provides targeted support to teachers and administrators who work with the city’s youngest students.

Early Childhood Conference 2022

The 14th annual Early Childhood Conference returned to UFT headquarters on March 19, where participants celebrated the theme of "Lighting the Future, Charting the Course."

Bringing home art

Art teacher Yolanda Lyn considers art a means to emotional well-being. Teaching remotely has challenged her to create lessons that will help all her students at PS 194 in Harlem continue to feel connected to their classmates and to the world.

Early Childhood Conference

Early childhood educators have always strived to find the joy in learning. So it’s no surprise that even in this difficult school year, the more than 300 educators who attended the UFT’s annual Early Childhood Conference remotely on March 13...