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Staying Healthy Around the Holidays (UFT Welfare Fund Medical Learning Series)

We all know it can be difficult to stay healthy during the holidays, but it is possible! What we eat can affect overall health and wellness as well as disease risk, including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Join Memorial Sloan Kettering's registered dietitian Cara Anselmo as she shares tips on how to eat healthfully and still have fun with friends and family throughout the busy holiday season.

Updates in the Medical Treatment of Breast Cancer (UFT Welfare Fund Medical Learning Series)

Dr. Larry Norton, the deputy physician-in-chief for breast cancer programs at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, will review the latest developments in breast cancer treatment. 

Health and Cancer Helpline

Receiving a life-threatening medical diagnosis can be an emotional rollercoaster. The UFT Welfare Fund offers an array of services that can help you navigate the road ahead.

During what hours can I contact the Helpline?

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday during the school year and 9 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday during the summer months.

Can I meet with a Helpline social worker in person to discuss my needs?

Yes, but we ask that you call ahead to schedule an appointment as this will ensure that time will be set aside for you.

When should I call the Health and Cancer Helpline?

When you or a loved one are affected by illness and are in need of information, direction and support.

Why does the UFT Welfare Fund have a Health and Cancer Helpline?

When life-altering events occur, whether a recent medical diagnosis or a death in the family, it can be overwhelming and very often professional support is needed. The Helpline is available to provide invaluable information with appropriate guidance...

Before calling the Health and Cancer Helpline, is there anything I should do to prepare?

Our caring staff will provide you with knowledge and information ranging from job leaves to accessing community resources. It may be useful to have a pen and paper available to take notes.

I don't have cancer. Can I still use Helpline services?

Yes. The Health and Cancer Helpline is available to individuals and their dependents who have been diagnosed with all types of medical or behavioral health illnesses.