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Staging a great night on Broadway

About 500 new UFT members had the chance to see “How to Dance in Ohio” at Teachers Night on Broadway on Feb. 1. “It was complete joy,” said UFT Vice President Karen Alford, who leads the union’s new member initiative. “The show spoke to all of us as...

Fulfilling professional state certification

If you’re like many new teachers, you’re working under an Initial, Internship or Transitional B teaching certificate that will eventually expire. With the school year half over, now is a good time to take stock of the progress you’re making toward...

Bobbleheads of U.S. presidents

Michael Frank, a history teacher at the HS of Environmental Studies, has bobbleheads of most of the U.S. presidents in his classroom to make the content come alive.

‘Wall of silence’ cracks

I felt guilty that I was not able to understand or communicate with my pre-verbal students in District 75. I was pouring my heart and soul into lessons, only to be met with silence. The weight of these challenges pressed down on me, and depression...

Money-saving tips for classroom supplies

It is possible to finance classroom projects with grants, donations and other money-saving strategies. Here are some avenues.

Queens teacher keeps his students wired

Louis Pichardo brings his twin passions for teaching and electrical work to his job teaching electrical installation to career and technical education students at Queens Technical HS in Sunnyside. Pichardo, a third-year teacher, asks his students to...

Books in English and Spanish

ENL/ELA teacher Eva Dejesus divides her library, which has books in both English and Spanish, by genre. "Students start in their native language, because we know that development of the first language supports development of the second," she says.

Important tips to help manage your classroom

New teachers may erroneously believe that effective classroom management comes from being stern and no-nonsense. But veteran educators know that there are better ways to establish a calm classroom. Here are some tips.

A calming corner

Evdokia Gasparis, a 1st-grade teacher at PS 70 in Queens created a calming corner in his classroom for when students need a little break. 

Success depends on community

That success depends on your community is something I only truly understood after my first year of teaching. When I was a para, I was committed to supporting my students and my teachers. When I first became a teacher, I forgot that I needed to ask...