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Political action just peachy in Georgia

All eyes were on Georgia in early January for the run-off elections that would determine whether the Democrats gained a majority in the U.S. Senate. Volunteers from among the 480 UFT retirees living in Georgia took part in the battle and helped win...

Making hope & history rhyme

Those of us who worked to end the national nightmare of the last four years often called for a return to some sense of normal. Now we must figure out what that means. First, we need positive action to conquer the pandemic, And second, we need to fix...

DA endorses 21 candidates

The UFT’s Delegate Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution to endorse 21 candidates for elective office during its virtual meeting on Jan. 13.

UFT members size up 2021 candidates

UFT members size up 2021 candidates (Sidebar: come to our next mayoral forum) With many major city government positions up for grabs in the next election, the UFT is organizing remote member screening panels and virtual town halls to get to know...

Resolution on City Council endorsements

The UFT endorses Pierina Sanchez, Althea Stevens, Amanda Farias, Tiffany Caban, James Gennaro, Lynn Schulman, Michael Scala, Jennifer Gutierrez, Henry Butler, Alexa Aviles, Josue “Josh” Pierre, Nikki Lucas, Shirley Paul, UFT member Steven Saperstein...

Resolution kicking off 2021 NYC local elections with 21 initial endorsements

The UFT will kick off the 2021 local elections in New York City with 21 initial endorsements in January 2021.

Elections fuel Florida members

Despite heroic efforts to get out the vote in Florida, UFT retiree volunteers were unable to swing the state to Joe Biden. UFT retiree coordinators and activists on both coasts were disappointed, especially since polls indicated a strong possibility...

Get-out-the-vote effort in Georgia

The get-out-the-vote effort in the swing state of Georgia was strong with the help of the AFTVotes bus that rolled into Atlanta on Oct. 28.

Huge education benefits expected under Biden

With President-elect Joe Biden and the soon-to-be first lady, teacher Jill Biden, in the White House, sweeping changes in U.S. education policy may be on the horizon.

Florida’s GOTV effort goes digital

UFT Retired Teachers Chapter volunteers are calling fellow members in the swing state of Florida to get out the vote for Joe Biden. But instead of urging them to go to the polls, they’re making sure members receive and quickly return mail-in ballots...