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Violence Prevention Training

Please register for our upcoming violence prevention training workshop. School staff can use these techniques and practical approaches to avoid violent situations between students in their schools.

Carbon Free and Healthy Schools

We can install solar panels on the roof of every New York City public school.

Renewed focus on District 75 as students return

District 75 schools, along with 3-K and pre-K sites, opened their doors for students on Sept. 21, a week before the rest of the school system. That early opening date was fraught for many members of District 75, which had received less attention over...

UFT: Schools in COVID hot spots might need to close

UFT President Michael Mulgrew on Sept. 29 called for the city to close 78 New York City public schools in ZIP codes facing a surge in COVID-19 cases if infection rates cannot be quickly contained and reduced.

Principal makes pay dock threat against staff working outside

Educators at the HS for Economics and Finance in Lower Manhattan are facing threats to their pay for refusing to enter a building they say is not safe against COVID-19 infection and, instead, doing their jobs outside via mobile phones and laptops.

UFT says city falls short on staffing needs, safety pact

New York City public schools do not yet have enough staff or the safety protocols in place to reopen school buildings on Sept. 21 as planned, UFT President Michael Mulgrew warned on Sept. 14 at a virtual press conference.

Strike averted as mayor blinks

After days of nonstop negotiations and with the threat of a UFT strike looming, the mayor on Sept. 1 agreed to the demands of the union to postpone the start of in-person classes to ensure school buildings pass the UFT’s safety checklist.

Instructional Issues

Clarification of teaching roles and responsibilities for both blended and remote learning.

UFT threatens actions if unsafe school buildings open

School buildings cannot open on Sept. 10 unless they meet stringent coronavirus safety standards, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said at a press conference Aug. 19, and vowed to go to court or take a job action — including a strike — if the city...

Teachers will return in the fall if...

New federal funds, now being held up in Washington, are the only possible way New York City will be able to invest in the protective measures and staff required for schools to safely re-open in September — even on a limited basis.