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UFT Teacher Center played vital role

The UFT Teacher Center, a comprehensive school-based professional development program, provides vital technology assistance and ongoing support to educators on both technology and content issues.

Teacher center opens at P396K @ PS 532

The UFT Teacher Center at P396K @ PS 532 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, which will serve four District 75 locations, officially opened on April 9.

UFT Teacher Center arts conference

The UFT Teacher Center’s Dec. 1 citywide arts conference, entitled “The Artistic Processes: Creating, Presenting, Responding and Connecting,” gave participants an opportunity to flex their own creative muscles.

New UFT Teacher Center opens at IS 240, Brooklyn

No UFT Teacher Center can promise to boost your rating from “Developing” to “Highly Effective” in one year, but that’s exactly what happened to Cheryl Saunders, a 6th-grade special education teacher at IS 240 in Brooklyn.

UFT Teacher Center opens at PS 100, Brooklyn

PS 100, in South Brooklyn, on June 3 opened its new UFT Teacher Center, the product of a strong working relationship between Chapter Leader Joanne Bullaro, Assistant Principal Tabatha Romano and Principal Katherine Moloney.

Communicating with art

A researcher, a teaching artist and a mime walk into the UFT. It’s not the setup to a joke, but the basis of the expanded literacies conference that took place at UFT headquarters on April 5.

Courses / Workshops

When it comes to expanding the knowledge and skills of UFT members, no one does it better than the union's Educational Programs.

The UFT Teacher Center

The UFT Teacher Center, which was founded in 1979, is a school-based professional development program that promotes teacher excellence and academic achievement for all students.