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Let’s Talk About It 2023

You ‘can do great things’
New York Teacher
Lets Talk About It
Erica Berger

Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels began his talk with middle and high school students in the Bronx by asking them to raise their hands if they liked music.

“You have to go through to get to,” Darryl McDaniels of the iconic hip-hop group Run-DMC told more than 350 students from 15 middle and high schools in District 11 in the Bronx, speaking about the adversity they may face on their path to greatness. McDaniels opened the UFT’s third annual Let’s Talk About It event, sponsored by the union’s Member Assistance Program and partner organizations, including Road Recovery, outside the union’s Bronx borough office. Victoria Lagrippo, an 8th-grade teacher at PS 83 who took student council members to the May 19 event, said, “These kids don’t hear it a lot that they are great and can do great things.” With violence rising in the city, psychologist Jarell Myers spoke to the students about how to regulate negative feelings. MAP Director Tina Puccio, the event organizer, said, “We wanted to help young students understand that just because you have feelings like anger and frustration, you don’t have to express them through physical actions.”