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Contract ratified by wide margin

New York Teacher
Educators at PS 135

Educators at PS 135 in Queens line up to fill out their UFT contract ballots last June.

The UFT’s new contract with the city Department of Education was ratified with 76% of the vote.

More than 96,000 UFT members cast ballots, the largest turnout in the union’s history. The independent American Arbitration Association did the count.

Among the 66,508 teachers who cast ballots, 75% voted to ratify their contract. Among the 19,871 paraprofessionals who voted, the approval rate was 72%. The contracts for school secretaries, school counselors and most of the union’s other DOE and city job titles were also approved by wide margins, the union announced on July 10.

The only contract not ratified was the one covering school nurses, occupational and physical therapists, audiologists, and supervisors of nurses and therapists. In early August, that bargaining unit split in two. After the split, the new contract took effect for the three functional chapters that had voted in favor of the contract. A revote was called for the Occupational and Physical Therapists Chapter, now on its own, which had voted down the contract in the June vote. Members from that chapter approved the contract in the revote, according to the Aug. 30 count of the mail ballots by the American Arbitration Association.

The ratification process was compressed this year because the tentative DOE-UFT agreement was not reached until June 13, two weeks before the end of the school year. The UFT Executive Board and then the union’s Delegate Assembly reviewed the agreement that same day; each governing body voted in turn to bring it to the membership for a ratification vote.

Teachers, paraprofessionals, school secretaries, school counselors and lab specialists who work at one school voted on the agreement at their school. Itinerant employees in those five job titles plus UFT members in all other functional chapters voted by mail ballot.

Job Title Yes No Percent voting to ratify
Teachers (all titles covered under teachers' contract) 50,295 16,213 75%
Paraprofessionals 14,396 5,475 72%
School secretaries 2,263 431 84%
School counselors 2,068 546 79%
Psychologists & social workers 1,363 325 81%
Occupational and physical therapists (following revote) 1,848 229 89%
School nurses 198 55 78%
Attendance teachers 125 17 88%
Hearing officers 50 8 86%
Supervisors of school security 44 0 100%
Supervisors of nurses & therapists 41 0 100%
Lab specialists and technicians 21 5 81%
Sign language interpreters 12 1 92%
Directors of alcohol and substance abuse programs 3 0 100%
Total 72,727 23,305 76%

2023 contract gives educators more money and say

Three-quarters of the UFT members who cast ballots ratified a new contract that raises members’ salaries by 17.58% to 20.42% when compounded and gives educators more say over how and where they spend their out-of-classroom time. The agreement marked the end of an eight-month battle for a fair contract.

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