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Leafleting for a fair contract

UFT members took to the streets for a week of action April 24-29, 2023, distributing fliers to community members about their fight for a fair contract.

Contract Grade-Ins

UFT members demonstrated through "public grade-ins" across the city on March 30, 2023, that educators deserve respect and autonomy in their next contract. 

‘Teach-ins’ prepare educators for contract fight

UFT members are prepared to fight for the contract they deserve. That was the message resonating across the city on Jan. 30, as educators gathered in their schools for “teach-ins” led by members of each school’s Contract Action Team.

We deserve a fair contract

This is our first contract negotiation since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first with this mayor and his schools chancellor. We have been preparing for this round of bargaining for eight months.

Contract negotiations begin

City officials entered Shanker Hall on Oct. 13 for their first negotiating session with the UFT to face the 500 members of the union’s bargaining committee all dressed in union blue in an impressive display of solidarity and strength.

Wearing blue for a fair contract

UFT members united in blue on Oct. 13, 2022, in support of a fair DOE-UFT contract.

Mulgrew: We won’t swap time for money

UFT President Michael Mulgrew told members at a virtual union town hall on Aug. 22 that one item that would not be on the bargaining table in contract talks expected to begin sometime this fall would be longer workdays in return for larger pay raises...