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Funding our schools

New York Teacher

Betsy DeVos, the federal secretary of education, just gave parents and educators another reason why Donald Trump should be put out of office in November. DeVos said school systems that do not open in August or September will lose federal funds. It is clear that DeVos does not understand school funding.

The upcoming school year will be the 2020–21 school year. The most that DeVos can do, if Trump is put out of office in November, is delay the federal funding of schools until Jan. 21, 2021. On Jan. 21, 2021, President Biden can restore all funding. Actually, he would be wise to add additional funding.

Only through education can children grow to be self-sufficient and productive citizens. This is not the time to cut educational funds. This is the time to increase educational funding. Joe Biden must shout it loud and clear that he will increase educational funds. DeVos and Trump have failed the children of America.

Louis A. DeFreitas Sr., retired

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