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Is there a place for religion in schools?

New York Teacher

My wife receives the New York Teacher. I read the article about the UFT United Community Schools Showcase [“We’re building whole children,” April 4] and commend the teachers, children and various successes at PS/IS184.

The title of the article, however, is a little bit of a stretch. At the end, the community school director says, “If we give all students what they deserve, then we help them find what drives them.” A question I have, and that I would address to all public schools, is: Is there room in your curriculum for study of the Bible and the religions of the world? How can you leave out of students’ education a vital part of people’s and civilization’s development?

I’m not talking about proselytizing. Our world today is full of violence and disrespect. Religions have many stories that can counter those negative elements.

Bernard Zablocki, Ridgewood, NY


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