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Wellness Matters: Time management  

MAP time management wellness piece

As a UFT member, you work in a demanding setting, and your experience tells you that effective time management is a key to success.  

Here are some tips for managing your time better in the year ahead: 

  • Prioritize what is most important to accomplish each day.  
  • Structure your time, with a rhythm that matches your own, so you have more intense periods of work when you are at your sharpest, followed by less challenging work.  
  • Build a support system. Let friends and colleagues help you get organized when needed. 
  • Try focusing on one task at a time, to the extent you are able. Although praised in the workplace, studies show that multitasking results in much lower productivity. 
  • Be flexible. You may be pulled in new directions. That’s OK. Give priority to what is important and remember, tomorrow brings a new opportunity to address your goals. 
  • Take breaks. Even if your workdays are packed, make sure you take time for lunch and try to practice mindful moments throughout the day. 
  • Build some fun into your workday. Bring your creative and playful energy to the tasks at hand. Think of new ways to do or structure repetitive assignments.  
  • Theme your days. In a workweek of varied responsibilities, it’s helpful to have an overall direction for each day.  
  • Cut back on time wasters. Time spent on things such as social media or television will leave less time for more active endeavors, such as seeing a friend or exercising.  
  • Declutter and organize your space. Work and home environments influence what you can do with the resources you have. Ensure that both are conducive to achieving your goals. 
  • Self-care: To avoid burnout, try to achieve a good work-life balance. Make sure you get enough sleep and do things you enjoy, such as reading, having dinner with friends, exercising, exploring something new in the city or engaging in your own creative passions.