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Creating welcoming and affirming school communities workshop

In this online workshop for elementary school teachers, we will explore ways to create a welcoming and affirming class environment. We will spend time exploring the New York State Culturally Responsive Sustaining Framework to take stock of our classrooms. You'll leave with actionable next steps to support your students and classroom environments. 

Lucio Medina, Vision Education Services paraprofessional

As a paraprofessional in the Vision Education Services Chapter, which serves about 900 blind and visually impaired students citywide, Lucio Medina acts as a guide and advocate for the students he supports.

A mosaic memorial

Colleagues and students create a mosaic mural to remember Rulx Dagus, a paraprofessional at P 369K in Park Slope, Brooklyn, who died of COVID-19.

Schoolhouse heroes

Three New York City public school educators jumped into action when they saw their students in distress, and their help made the difference in each life-threatening situation.

Paraprofessionals Festival and Awards Luncheon

“We make a difference” was the theme at the UFT’s Paraprofessionals Festival and Awards Luncheon on March 5, celebrating paraprofessionals for rising to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last held in person in 2019, the luncheon was held at...

Paraprofessionals Festival and Awards Luncheon 2022

“We Make a Difference” was the theme at this year’s UFT Paraprofessionals Festival and Awards Luncheon, which celebrated paraprofessionals at Shanker Hall on March 5 for rising to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A career ladder for paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals perform vital work in schools. There are career ladder positions available for paras as well as opportunities for educational advancement for paras interested in becoming teachers, school counselors, psychologists or other titles.

Automatic TRS pensions won for full-time paras

Decades of UFT advocacy bore fruit for the union’s paraprofessionals on Oct. 29 as a newly enacted state law guaranteed all UFT-represented full-time paraprofessionals — on the job now and in the future — will automatically become members of the...

UFT helps reverse para shortage

A Herculean effort by the UFT helped turn the largest-ever shortage of New York City public school paraprofessionals into a record number of new paras joining the ranks.

What benefits do paraprofessionals who belong to the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) receive?

Before you retire you have: The right to borrow from your TRS account. The right to participate in the TRS tax-deferred annuity program. Benefits for your family if you die after one year of service. After you retire you receive: A guaranteed pension...