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Paraprofessional workshop (District 19)

Please register for an online workshop for District 19 paraprofessionals hosted by District Representative Vicki Buccellato and Paraprofessionals Chapter Leader Shelvy Young-Abrams.

Supporting all students in a pandemic environment (Staten Island)

Please register for this special online workshop for teachers and paraprofessionals working in Staten Island. We'll discuss the impact of the pandemic on students and how it may affect their behavior in classrooms.

District 15 paraprofessionals meeting

Please register for a meeting for District 15 paraprofessionals. District Representative Nancy Aromando is hosting this meeting for paraprofessionals to learn about their roles and responsibilities, CTLE credits and certification, and the new automatic enrollment in the Teachers' Retirement System.

Automatic TRS pensions won for full-time paras

Decades of UFT advocacy bore fruit for the union’s paraprofessionals on Oct. 29 as a newly enacted state law guaranteed all UFT-represented full-time paraprofessionals — on the job now and in the future — will automatically become members of the...

UFT helps reverse para shortage

A Herculean effort by the UFT helped turn the largest-ever shortage of New York City public school paraprofessionals into a record number of new paras joining the ranks.

What benefits do paraprofessionals who belong to the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) receive?

Before you retire you have: The right to borrow from your TRS account. The right to participate in the TRS tax-deferred annuity program. Benefits for your family if you die after one year of service. After you retire you receive: A guaranteed pension...