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2019 Meet the President for District 75

District 75 educators from around the city gathered at an upper Manhattan restaurant on Dec. 10 to celebrate the holidays and meet with UFT President Michael Mulgrew to discuss their issues and concerns.

The power of collective action

The Red for Ed movement continues to be a rallying cry for teachers around the country who are fed up with underfunded schools and low wages. We in New York City set the standard for public school educators about what it is possible to gain when you...

Building on our strengths

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed a restful summer break and you’re re-energized for the year ahead. As always, we’re here to help you meet the challenges and opportunities that present themselves every September. Please extend yourself to the new...

Understanding bias and how it affects us

We all carry biases and can benefit from a better understanding of how they affect our relationships with others, personally and professionally.

The power of unity

It’s June, and our enemies are coming out of the woodwork with a barrage of misinformation about unions and union membership. There is a lot at stake: Our profession, our public schools and our ability to take care of ourselves and our families.


Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, has led the union’s efforts to transform education in New York City and to secure the rights to jobs, justice and freedom for all New Yorkers.