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Retired Teachers Chapter

Welcome to the Retired Teachers Chapter section of the UFT website! There’s always a lot going on at the RTC and this section is your go-to place to get an overview of all the programs and services at your disposal as a retired member of the UFT.

UFT increases Welfare Fund benefits

The UFT is enhancing its Welfare Fund optical benefit and hearing aid benefit for in-service members and retirees effective March 1, 2022.

Once I retire, can I send my Retired Teachers Chapter and SHIP application at the same time?

Yes, you can send both enrollment applications for the RTC and SHIP together in the envelope included in the retirement packet you were given at your final pension consultation. However, to avoid a delay in processing, you also have the option of...

Forms and claims

For forms needing validation, such as optical and hearing aid, members should access the Forms Hotline at 212-539-0539.

Enrolling and updating

Learn how to enroll in the UFT Welfare Fund or update your coverage as your family changes.

Resolution to Support President Obama and the Senate Democratic Majority

WHEREAS President Obama and the Democratic majority of the U.S. Senate have refused to consider extortional proposals to defund the Affordable Care Act in order to fund the government and to raise the debt ceiling limit, RESOLVED that the UFT urge...