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Cluster Teachers

This term refers to teachers in elementary schools who are not assigned to the same group of students for the entire day; they usually teach classes in music, art, science, physical education or any other subject that the chapter committee and the principal have agreed meet the needs of your school. Each position must be posted with objective qualifications annually, with an application deadline. When there are two or more equally qualified applicants for the same position based on the posted qualifications, the applicant with the most school seniority is selected.

Cluster teachers teach a minimum of 20 periods per week. A teacher of library cannot be programmed for more than 20 periods per week. Where a music teacher participates for a major portion of the period in an assembly, the assembly period will be considered as a teaching period. Cluster teachers, like all other elementary school teachers, must be programmed for a daily preparation period and a duty-free lunch period. If your school is programmed on an eight-period day, the cluster teacher must also receive a professional period.

You can read what the contract says about cluster teachers in articles 7C2 and 7C4.