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Injury in the Line of Duty (ILOD)

On-the-job injuries may occur due to accident or assault. Whatever the cause, you must notify your principal or his or her designee within 24 hours of the injury and complete the DOE’s Occurrence Report. If possible, you should report the injury before you leave school on the day the injury occurs. It is important to report every accident even though the injury is not obvious or seems inconsequential.

You are required to fill out a Comprehensive Injury Report and the superintendent is required to approve it within five school days of the occurrence. If the superintendent fails to approve the Injury Report, you should speak to your chapter leader about filing a grievance.

If you were assaulted, you also should complete a UFT Safety/Discipline Report and contact the UFT's Victim Support Program (212-598-6853). If your injury prohibits you from writing, your chapter leader or a colleague may assist you. If there were witnesses to the injury, they should write statements and attach them to the Comprehensive Injury Report.

Your chapter leader and your district representative can explain your rights with respect to any absences that may result from the injury or assault. Your UFT borough office, as well as the union’s Victim Support Program, can advise you about your right to sue, bring charges, request a medical leave of absence and all the other options available to you as a result of your injury. If you have received injury-in-the-line-of-duty status from the medical bureau, the DOE will reimburse you for up to $1,500 in medical expenses related to the injury that were not covered by your insurance carrier. There is no limit on the reimbursement of medical expenses if you were assaulted.

With the ratification of the 2023 contract, UFT-represented employees are no longer required to complete the OP-200 legal form as part of the Injury in the Line of Duty application process.

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Find official policy on injury in the line of duty in the contract and Personnel Memorandum 4.

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