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If you are summoned for an interview for the record that may lead to disciplinary action, you are entitled to be accompanied to the hearing by a union representative (or a representative employed by the school system). An interview that is not held in accordance with these procedures cannot be made part of your personnel or school file, and any statements you make at such an interview cannot be used against you in any DOE proceeding unless you refuse representation.

Regardless of which office has summoned you to appear, you should not answer any questions without representation. If you are summoned to either the principal’s office or the district superintendent’s office, you should immediately ask your chapter leader and UFT district representative for assistance. If you are summoned to the DOE’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) or Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) the UFT Investigation Department will provide a representative to attend the hearing with you.  

If you are summoned by the Special Commissioner of Investigations (SCI), you should not answer any questions unless you are accompanied by an attorney, which your UFT borough office will help arrange for you. The allegations investigated there involve criminal activity, financial fraud and other serious matters.

If an investigator from either the Office of Special Investigations or the Office of the Special Commissioner comes to your school and asks to speak with you, take their contact information and contact the UFT. You should not speak to investigators from OSI or SCI without union representation.

Read more about summons in Article 21C of the contract.