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Teacher Facilities

You are entitled to have adequate supplies in the teacher washrooms in your school (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.). Your school must also make available to all teachers a pay telephone for their personal use. If your school does not have continuous cafeteria service, you should have your chapter leader request in writing a beverage vending machine for your school.

Your school must also have at least one bulletin board reserved for the use of the union in an accessible place.

With the 2023 contract in place, the DOE will issue an annual reminder that schools should identify space for all staff, including paraprofessionals, for lunch in buildings where there is no dedicated staff room or lounge. And, at the beginning of each school year, the DOE will issue guidance regarding the need for schools to provide adequate space for UFT-represented employees to properly perform their job duties and meet the specific needs of their students.

Article 7S of the contract outlines more of your facility rights.