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New SESIS Form for 2020-21 School Year

News Stories

The DOE has launched a new special education Program Adaptations Document (PAD), which has replaced the Remote Learning Plan for the 2020-21 school year. This new SESIS form will be used to document how instructional programs and other special education supports and services will be delivered in blended and fully remote learning environments.

The student’s special education teacher or case manager is responsible for developing the PAD for that student. Related services will be addressed in a separate PAD that the DOE will be launching shortly. Key parts of the PAD are pre-populated, including each student’s current program and service recommendations and the models for delivering those services in blended and remote settings.

The real cornerstone of the PAD is the conversation between the special education teacher and the student’s family that shapes it. These conversations should be taking place during this period before classes begin.

Parents will rightfully expect their children to receive instruction and services as close to the IEP as possible. Yet, health and safety considerations will play a big part in what you can and cannot do. Given the losses, trauma, stress and disappointments that many families, including your own, have faced over the past six months, these conversations may not be easy. Your administration must provide you with the time you need to give this task the attention it deserves.

If you aren’t given adequate time, tell your chapter leader, who will raise the issue with the principal on your behalf. If the problem is still not resolved, your chapter leader can file an operational issue report on your behalf.

You can find helpful resources and new information, when it becomes available, in the Teaching Students with Disabilities section of the UFT website. We will also continue to update you via email. If you have questions or concerns, please feel to contact the UFT call center at 212-331-6311.